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The Climb Clinic Pop-Up Event


The Climb Clinic is passionate about supporting our community. We work with teams, organizations, gyms, and brands that represent the community we serve.

BCC Trail Crew

The Climb Clinic is proud to support the BCC Trail Crew as their official Rehab/PT Specialists. We provide care for the 2023 BCC Trail Crew as they work to support the areas we love to climb!

Routesetter Program

Our routesetter program offers discounted rehab & strength training services to any professional routesetters looking for care. We aim to support setters as they work to support our climbing gyms.

Team Sponsorship

The Climb Clinic is a proud sponsor of the CU Climbing Team and the DU Climbing Team. We offer our resources and support to the collegiate athletes as the compete is USAC events!

Moon Rock Comp 2022


The Climb Clinic is always looking for new ways to support the community. If you have an idea on how we can support your community or organization, please email us your idea at

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