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Derek New

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Derek New (He/Him) is a strength training and climbing specialist at The Climb Clinic. He earned his Bachelors in integrative physiology from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he was also on the climbing team. Additionally, he holds a strength and conditioning specialist certification (CSCS), which allows him to apply his knowledge of physiology to sports and fitness. He has extensive competition experience, with seven years of climbing in both lead and bouldering at the national and international levels.

He is passionate about helping clients achieve their climbing and strength goals. As a strength and conditioning specialist at The Climb Clinic, Derek brings extensive experience in competition climbing and a passion for physical and mental preparation to his work. Using his education and experience, he works closely with athletes to develop customized training programs to enhance their performance and prevent injury. When Derek isn’t in the clinic, you can find him climbing, reading, or playing tennis.

Derek New

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