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The Climb Clinic

The Climb Clinic is a physical therapy & sports medicine clinic in Colorado. We are dedicated to delivering individualized, 1-on-1 skilled sessions to resolve pain, restore motion, and optimize performance. Our goal is to be the future of healthcare and training. We strive to make comprehensive rehab and training simple and accessible. 

Start with a FREE 15 minute  Phone Consultation to see if The Climb Clinic can support your rehabilitation and strength training needs. Ready to get started? Book an Initial Evaluation to start your care at The Climb Clinic.

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I started The Climb Clinic with the intent to be a safe, accessible, and inclusive space for the community. We strive to provide basic healthcare needs, skilled rehab and physical therapy services, and strength training education to the climbing community in Colorado's Front Range. Resolving pain, restoring motion, and optimizing performance should not be exclusive and I hope through our services, community outreach, evidence-based care, and connection to the climbing community that we can provide a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment to a diverse population.



I hope to continue to grow as a clinic owner, healthcare provider, and person as I pursue opportunities to learn how I can better serve and cultivate an environment that 1) has zero tolerance to discrimination or prejudice, 2) becomes more inclusive to the BIPOC and LBGTQ community, 3) actively accommodates for individuals with disabilities (physical and mental), and 4) provides opportunity to underserved and marginalized members of the community. I recognize I will not be perfect in my pursuit to become a better ally for my community, but I plan to continue to learn from my mistakes and identify actionable recourse to best serve the community. 

- Kevin at The Climb Clinic


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Our rehabilitation and strength training services are designed to compliment your active goals and build a foundation of strong and resilient movement.


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