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Duration: 3 Hours   |    Date & Time: 12/14/23,  5:30pm    |    Early Bird Price: $199 ($249 on 12/8)

Looking to take your climbing and projecting to the next level? Join pro climber Kerry Scott and Dr. Christine Neal for a 3-hour interactive workshop centered around how to train for climbing. This workshop will focus on both on-the-wall projecting skills and off-the-wall strength metric testing to help unlock your training potential. Your registration for this 3-hour workshop will also include a 50% off discount code for an initial evaluation (expires 1/2024) with Dr. Christine Neal. This workshop will be geared toward V3-V9+ climbers, but all ability levels are welcome!


Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand how to breakdown skill training on-the-wall to improve success

  • Be able to identify and address weaknesses on- and off-the-wall 

  • Develop tactics for utilizing boards as a training tool 

  • Determine strength metrics off-the-wall and learn how to interpret these metrics to inform your training: 

    • Max Finger Strength​

    • Max Vertical Pulling Strength

    • Max Lock-Off Strength

    • Max Shoulder External Rotation/Internal Rotation Ratio

  • Develop strategies on how to structure training going forward based around where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 


Our goal is for participants to leave the workshop feeling confident to implement the above strategies into their training! *Price increase to $249 on 12/8*

Duration: 3 Hours   |    Date & Time: 12/14/23,  5:30pm    |     Price: $199 ($249 on 12/8)


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