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Strength Training for Runners


Duration: 2 Hours   |    Date & Time: 11/29/23,  5:30pm    |     Price: $99

Join Dr. Annie Leavitt and Dr. Christine Neal for a 2-hour interactive workshop to learn WHY, WHEN, and HOW to introduce a strength program to compliment your running training. Your registration for this 2-hour workshop will include a 6-week strength training program as well as a 50% off discount code for an initial evaluation (expires 1/2024) with Dr. Annie Leavitt or Dr. Christine Neal.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the reasons and benefits for including strength training in your program

  • Discuss common injuries and how strength training can help lower your risk of suffering one of these injuries

  • Learn the value of periodizing your training, and when to include strength training in this schedule

  • Discuss how and when to include strength training in conjunction with your weekly running schedule

  • Touch on how this may look different if you participate in multiple sports (like running + climbing)

  • Learn key muscle groups to target during your sessions

  • Observe and practice 10 different exercises that you can introduce to your strength program right away!

  • Get feedback on your form for these exercises


Our goal is for participants to leave the workshop feeling confident to implement strength training while maximizing your running performance.  Come prepared to move and lift some weights!

Duration: 2 Hours   |    Date & Time: 11/29/23,  5:30pm    |     Price: $99


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